Frodo’s Fear – What Frodo is thinking

by Feb 4, 2003Poetry

I find myself wandering down
a lonely road of sorrows.
I know not what the night will bring
nor what comes tommorrow

The burden I am bound to bear
fills my heart with pain
the days grow longer with each hour
with each passing rain

each tiny step I take
seems heavy and too small
the roads grow longer with each day
the voice of Mordor calls

The ring grows heavy, now it seems
More even than before
The eye grows closer in my dreams
with all it’s evil gore

A tiny creature such as me
has no hope on this quest
But still I must go on in hope
I shall try my best

I must stay brave
for a while
If just for Sam
I’ll find a smile

I wander on to do my best
I stumble towards my evil quest.


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