Frodo’s Dream in the Shire – A Poem about Frodo

by Sep 23, 2002Poetry

Now I’m sitting in the Shire
Nothing more could I desire
I love the rivers and the trees
I love the flowers and the bees

Spring has come birds are singing
Trees are green flowers are budding
The hobbits are all fat and happy
But something is missing for me

I long for something else all new
I want an adventure to journey through
New lands and places I’ve never been
I long to see those places I’ve never seen

I want to leave the Shire with Bilbo
Someday I’ll depart with him and go
On an adventure and kill
Orcs and goblins I will

I want to see wonders and dragons
I want to meet Elves and their sons
Someday I will leave the Shire
And go to those places I desire

I will someday go to Rivendell
I will go to Lorien and Galadriel
I want to fight orcs in Moria mines
I want to see Fangorn and its pines

I hope someday I will go
On an adventure with Bilbo
Until that time comes I will wait
Patiently in my quiet hobbit state


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