Frodo on Orodruin – The Final Test

by Jul 13, 2002Poetry

I stand upon the brink of death-
my eyes are closed, I gasp for breath;
one more step to finish the Quest
and I shall pass the final test.

One more step on the Mountain of Doom
to penetrate the immortal gloom
of Sauron’s power. Into the Fire
I shall cast his One desire.

Can I unmake it? I do not know.
‘Cast it into the Fire!’ I say, but no!
No I cannot! To do this I came,
but I shall not destroy it. The Ring I claim!

I draw out the Ring, and then disappear.
At last it is mine! But something draws near…
I fight for the Ring on the Mountain of Doom;
I could not destroy the Ring in its fume.

Alas! Gollum takes it and falls in the Fire.
Yet now, no longer is It my desire.
I am free from Its bondage, sorrow, and woe;
and free from the Great Eye that haunted me slow.

Sam helps me down from Mt. Doom’s burning height,
and now all the Darkness breaks through with new light;
but fires rise about me, it’s all that I see.
Now all my desire is to die and be free.


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