Frodo in the Land of Shadow

by Mar 20, 2005Poetry

It’s getting heavier
with every dark hour passing
I’m stumbling in the dim light
I don’t know how long I can bear this
this unbearable pain
I’m not who I was
No matter what happens
I will never be the same again

There is no hope left in my heart
this sacrifice we made
will it all be in vain?
Is this where it all will end?
In this dark, cold place
far from laughter, far from song
And still we have so far to go
through dangers all around us
I don’t understand why I was chosen
I’m not a warrior, I’m not even brave
but I have to go on

Not even a star in the sky
These are evil times

My faithful friend,
Faithful and brave to the end
All is dark before my eyes
I fall to the ground
and once again you raise me up
I see the tears on your face
But I don’t have the strength now in my heart
to find comforting words
It is so heavy…

You talk of things I can no longer remember
Songs and laughter in another world
The sweet forests and rivers of Home
I no longer remember
This must be the greatest pain of all
I can no longer remember

I don’t want to die here
I don’t want to leave you alone
But I have been walking for ever
and cannot lift my feet
I cannot lift my head from the dry and stony ground
I have no strength now, no strength
But I will walk with you only a little further
For I know it will soon be over


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