Frodo and Sam – True Friends

by Dec 18, 2002Poetry

This poem was written by my autistic son as part of a school assignment. Since people with autism usually do not have a good grasp of relationships or friendship, I thought it was interesting that he should choose such a topic for his poem.

Frodo and Sam!
By Luke Ross

Once there lived two hobbits
Who were true friends
True friends
Frodo and Sam

If one went on a trip
The other would go as well
Only leave it up to them
Frodo and Sam

Sam, why can’t there be more like you?
Frodo, you’re very lucky to have a friend like Sam
Only Frodo and Sam

Frodo and Sam
Are true friends
Frodo and Sam

Once there lived two hobbits
Who were true friends
Frodo and Sam.


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