Frodo And His Sam – The Beauty Of Friendship

by Jan 25, 2003Poetry

When the night is hollow
And darkness clenches tight
The sea of drowning sorrow
Begets its waning plight

The bearer feels it burning,
Scorching deep inside
The rightful heir is yearning
For that which is his pride

Sam’s heart is crying,
Weeping endless pain
His friend of love is dying
His strength begins to drain

Frodo’s shouting ‘save me’
His eyes are screaming blue
The wraiths are culling blindly
His dreams of beauty true

His scars are tilled with shade
But wisdom knows to mend
The ring must be unmade
For freedom to descend

Still, when Frodo wakes
His Sam is always there
The one who never forsakes
In times of great despair

Their tears are one and same
And glory will them send
To the heights legend
When death smiles at their end


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