Frodo – a poem by : Kenni

by Apr 21, 2003Poetry

Frodo, you are mighty,

Frodo, you are strong.

Don’t let anyone steer you, in a direction you know is wrong.

Frodo, you have hope,

Frodo, you are smart.

Stay in the right direction,
the right direction from the start.

Frodo,don’t give in,

Frodo, shut it all out.

Just don’t let it corrupt you,
and you’ll have a reason to shout.

Frodo, you are faithful,

Frodo, don’t be scared.

Everyone will remember you ,
all because you cared.

Frodo, Keep going on,

Frodo, please don’t quit.

I will never, ever forget you,
even when my mind becomes an empty pit.


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