Friend of Friends – Sam’s Song

by Jun 27, 2002Poetry

In the sweet days of the Shire
Long before the Shadow fell
You toiled in his garden
You came to know him well
Not dreaming you’d deliver
Your young Master unto Hell
In the sweet days of the Shire

His smile was warm, his manner grave
And never at Bag End
Did you suffer careless slights
He’d rarely condescend
Including you in everything
You dared to think him “friend”
In the sweet days of the Shire

Master, Servant
Quaffing an ale
Raptly listen
To Bilbo’s tale
Visions of dragons
Visions of elves
Lonely Mountain

From out the window Wizard’s words
Came floating on the air
The Shire’s deadly peril
The Burden he must bear
You promised to walk at his side
A vow you’d not forswear
On the day the Shadow fell

A spectral Rider robed in black
Did stab with tainted blade
Devoted vigil, then relief
Soul too alight to fade
Once healed, now knowing, still he spoke
All wretched choices weighed
As the Shadow darker fell

Pack provisions
Frying pan, cloak
Undying hope
Mines of Moria
Golden Wood
Anguish, valor

Companions in the Fellowship
Stood to protect, to fight
But weapon of the Enemy
Devours inner light
Corruption must not touch his friends
Alone he would take flight
On the banks of Anduin

Of all the rest, ’twas only you
Who guessed poor Frodo’s mind
Who reckless ran to river’s edge
You’d not be left behind
Once pulled from out the watery depths
Your Fate to his did bind
On the river Anduin

Slinker, Stinker
Cunning and lust
Master pities
You’ll never trust
Marshes, Ringwraiths
Rabbit stew
Reverently guard him
Whole night through

From reeking fissure scuttled She
As heedless he rushed by
Your anxious Master never heard
Your Gollum-throttled cry
Defended fiercely silk-bound form
Pierced putrid flesh, burnt eye
At the mouth of Shelob’s Lair

Amid the rocks like death he lay
Unmoving, pale and cold
About his neck still heavy hung
Malignant Ring of gold
Beside him you dropped to your knees
His icy hand to hold
Amid rocks near Shelob’s Lair

He has left you
Shock, disbelief
Blinding fury
Mind numbing grief
Hope gutters out
Darkness descends
Gone, beloved
Cherished friend


Head says, “Take It”
Through the pass climb
Mordor’s threshold
Last glance behind
Orcs paw Master
Bear him away
Quest abandon
Heart obey

Gorbag, Shagrat
Follow in fear
Ring-sharp senses
Straining to hear
Spider venom
No quick kill
Captive, helpless
Breathing still

“I will not say the Day is done
Nor bid the Stars farewell”
Despair defied, clear hobbit voice
Sang out like ringing bell
In answer came faint melody
From vile, hidden cell
In the tower of Cirith Ungol

He rested quiet in your arms
Collapsing in relief
Then snatching trinket from your grasp
Named you an orcish thief
Compassion drowned the stabbing hurt
Unshaken your belief
In the tower of Cirith Ungol

Master, Servant
Roles fuse and fade
He staggers onward
Soul torn, afraid
Duty dissolves
In simple Faith
Love him and protect him
Keep him safe

His will consumed completely
Just in taking one step more
You lent him strength, you lent him hope
His courage to restore
Last bite of food, last drop of drink
Could not have given more
Deep in the Nameless Land.

His trembling fingers reached as if
At Barad-Dur’s command
“Help me, Sam,” he softly begged
You gently took his hands
You held them, kissed them, carried him
To dreadful final stand
On the Mountain Orodruin

Ravaged Gollum
Piteous plea
Simple mercy
You hold the key
Ring-dark power
Forces his claim
Biting, falling
Redeem and maim

Ring and finger
Withering fire
Soul released from
Deceit and desire
Whisper comfort
Wait to die
Ash like snowfall
Eagle’s cry

The Fourth Age dawned, the Shire bloomed
With Gift and tender care
You flourished as the Mallorn tree
And wed your Rosie fair
He held your newborn in his arms
Your happiness to share
In the sweet days of the Shire

He hid from you tormented dreams
Old wounds and haunting pain
He’d cast no Shadow on your joy
Contentment strove to feign
But for too long had Frodo borne
Isuldur’s cúrsed bane
These were his last days in the Shire

Gentle gardner
Nurturing soul
Mayor, Father
Meant to be whole
Gives all he has
Grants you Bag End
Master Samwise
Friend of friends

Twilight deepens
Waves pound the shore
Loss and longing
Weep, Sam, no more
Wisdom, Healing
The Lady lights his way
And restless sea will call you, Sam
To follow him one day

After long and bléssed life
You’ll follow him one day


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