For your memory – Frodo’s lament for Gandalf after he fell

by Apr 2, 2003Poetry

I called you, but you answered not.
And so I knew that you were gone
Down in the deep lands far beyond
The glowing flame and fire hot.
When last I saw your face
Deep-lined, careworn, when the last,
Task of yours was finally past
You still clung to that place.
Not willing yet to leave the land
After your last but valiant stand.
Your hands, so gentle, but iron strong
Slipped and faltered, and you fell
Deep, into the heart of hell
Was quenched your mighty song.
I don’t know if you heard my cry
As beaten-rock walls passed you by
But the lost hopes of all the years
Were within that call
Answered not, for with your fall
Came only bitter tears.
That now I cannot dry away
That empty feeling will always stay.
And your grave shall be
Within a deep and cruel abyss
But my tears are not amiss
For your memory.


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