For Their Sakes

by Jun 1, 2004Poetry

For Their Sakes

You may not see the future unfold
And the waves of time billow and roll
You may not live beyond this age’s end
Or catch a glimpse of what’s beyond the bend

You may not glimpse a Shire reborn
Or Minas Tirith restoring the torn
You may not welcome the new come days
Of the sunshine’s endless rays

You may not hear the sweet, sweet sound
Of bells chiming when victory’s found
You may not step upon the grey sea
Or catch the sign of shadow’s leave

You may not see the light again
In darkness you may wander and not find the end
You may continue until death takes you
Without the glimpse of hope renewed

But for their sakes don’t give up yet
Not before the melting Ring greets death
And don’t forget the past so bright
Before you say farewell to light

And don’t turn back now that you’ve come this far
You may still see the rising star
For their sakes I hope you’ll stand
And live to see a reborn land


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