For the Love of Aragorn

by Feb 27, 2004Poetry

I dream of you at night
your heart whispers to me,
know that I love you
our souls together will always be

No more war or despair
the world will see,
my love, my protector
is coming home to me.

Upon your return
happiness envelopes my heart,
I fall into your irresistable arms
you promise we will never part.

You hold me in your embrace
I feel you caressing my cheek,
I close my eyes and pray
this isn’t a dream.

I’ve waited so long
for you to be in my arms,
passion, anticipation
for all of your charms.

Our lips just a whisper apart
excitement ignites,
emotions run wild
I know this is right.

Then your lips touch mine
this feeling I can’t ignore,
love eternal, heaven
with this man I couldn’t ask for


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