For The Immies – ‘cept me!i wrote it!

by May 2, 2004Poetry

*note :you guys are listed in no particular order.I like you all the same!

The Immies are a group of friends,
Bound together till the world’s end,
And our ties run deep.
Tuima,a trusted elf,
never too into herself.
What a wonderful friend!
W’lore, Allways full of jokes,
what ryhmes with jokes?Ah!Hoax!
What a wonderful friend!
Nande, the tree-friend.
May her different speeling never end!
What a wonderful friend!
Amerinde,fast’n’ furious,
Fairimir finds her rather curious.
What a wonderful friend!
Nenelen,When will you post?
If you don’t soon,you’re toast!(JK)
What a wonderful friend!
Dilly my e-pen pal!
uh..look out for Al?
What a wonderful friend!
Eredolyn,call her Ere,
shes the Anglo-saxon chic…uh…over there?
What a wonderful friend!
Arwen,who needs to post too,
What happened with Kev and you?
What a wonderful; friend!
E I Cebu,they tell me she has gorgeous hair,
but how would I know? I’ve never been over there!
What a wonderful friend!
Eicys,you sound cold!
uh….i hope you nbever get old!
What a wonderful friend!
Then there’s me,the Strange One.
when you’re with me,be ready for lotsa fun!(and I’m humble too!)
What a wonderful friend!(lol)
I have to go to the pool now,
so chao!


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