For Harad

by Apr 5, 2006Poetry

The defences of South Gondor are dead behind me,
And stronger barricades lay ahead.
They bar the way for the future of my people.
But I shall be the battering ram of Harad.
The soldier. The general.
With my brothers at my side and Mordor with us
The White City will run crimson with blood.
The people of the south are strong,
Gondor is weak.
We shall prevail.

The corrupt Council of Umbar uses us as puppets,
But no more.
When Gondor falls, Umbar shall in turn,
And no more will my people be oppressed.

We shall drive the spear, the scimitar and the Mumak
Into the stone heart of the west.
I shall do this for my people.
For Harad.


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