by Apr 29, 2004Poetry

Like Frodo and the Ring
Like Bilbo letting go
Like Samwise never giving up
Traveling down the narrow road
Will you shine as bright as Gandalf?
Will you walk as tall as him?
Will you fight the evil force
That only thinks it always wins?
Will you have as strong a friendship
As Merry and Pippin did
Will you stand the test of time
Or look back and see you hid?
Will you walk the bloody road
And not flinch with aching pain?
Will you stand in times of war
As Aragorn, not as one slain
Will you never, ever look back
No matter how big the dark may seem
Will you never have regrets
Even when bursting at the seams?
What footsteps will you follow
In the life that you now lead
And will the road you travel
Plant an everlasting seed?


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