Father’s Love

by May 30, 2004Poetry

Fading Memories Ignored
I Crawl Across the Forest Floor
Pool Reflects an Orphan Child;
Dirty, Lost, Alone and Wild
Fatherless and Nameless still
Fallen Heart and Broken Will
Will there ever be a Place Where I Belong?

I Cower ‘neath the Monster Trees
And Try to Stand on Tired Feet
But Gravity Knocks me to the Ground
Where I Give up and Tears Roll Down
I Claw the Ground and Beg the End
Curse the Day that I Began
To Hope there’d be a Place Where I Belong.

I Hear a Sound I Recognize
You Lift my Chin and Seek my Eyes
You Sing a Song of Love to me
I Ache to Sing it Back to thee
Father Love Prepares a Place
Follow to that Place Where you Belong.

How did I Miss this Wondrous Song?
The Forest Sang it all Along
River Rinses all your Shame
Father Offers you his Name
Father Love Prepares a Home
Follow to that Place where you Belong!


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