Fated – A Tale of a common theme.

by Feb 2, 2004Poetry

When the day is gone from the sight,
And when the night strikes from behind,
Evil will triumph over the noble courage,
And not even the bravest can stop it’s reign.

Let the elven strongholds be stained with blood,
Let the noble hearts be blackened by death,
Then the Dark Lord begins his rule,
Over the land of the free.

He will pursue the rebels with dreading cold,
Rewarded will be the treacherous,
Thieves and liars, servants of death,
Will heed to the call of the summoning.

When a hero will rise in response
To the rule of darkness, issued by death,
Armies will clash in the final beat of their hearts.

And when skies will light up in a single flash,
The fate of the world will be set at last,
Over the land of the free.

And when the last swords sings it’s bloody song,
And when the last arrow rains from the cursed sky,
Victorious hero will be at last, for the price of his life.

The battle is won, a life is lost. A war is a war.
But from now on, he will live in their hearts,
As a hero who set them free.

Dark Lord will be thrown off his icy throne,
Fortress of Light – rebuilt.
And day will shine above once again,
In the scourged land of the free,
Where history has repeated itself once more!


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