by Jul 26, 2003Poetry

I must say faarewell to the places I know
My time has been long , but now I must go.

Farewell to the hills , to the valley and plane
Farewell to the wind , and the snow and the rain.

Farewell to the sea , farewell to the sky
Farewell to the places I’ve been by and by .

Farewell to the Shire , Hobbiton too !
Alas , my days there were far too few!

Farewell to the mountains all covered in snow ,
Farewell to Moria , where dwarves used to go .

Farewell to the Darkness , the Shadow of fear ,
For the days of the Dark Lord now draw ever near .

Farewell to Rivendell , ever so fair !
And to the bright Evenstar that shineth there.

Farewell to Nimrodel , whose sweet voice ne’er fades,
O’er hill and in valley , through meadows and glades .

And Farewell to Lorien ! Sweet Lorien , my home !
The place I return to whenever I roam .

All of these places I know and I love ,
As now I draw near to my place up above .

For though I go there , and can no longer roam ,
These places I love , and shall still be my home .


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