Farewell at the Grey Havens – Frodo is saying goodbye to his dear friends

by Jan 7, 2006Poetry

I close my eyes
And I can still feel the pain
It will never heal
It cannot be healed
Evil memories
That no sleep can whisk away
Unforgettable horrors
Haunting my dreams
In the darkest hours of the night
And in my heart I know
I will always remember
Memories of that heavy darkness
Will always be with me

How I wish I was free!
Free of these chains
Free of my dreadful burden
But it is still with me
Still with me
I wish I was free
And could feel peace in my heart
The world has peace
And I am glad
But I cannot find it
I will always remember

I am standing on the shores of the Sea
Come, tell me goodbye
My friends, do not cry for me
For I will at last find peace
Can you understand?
I must sail into the West
Please remember me
Remember me smiling
Remember the fields of Cormallen
You are heroes
And I will always remember you
I will remember your smiles on that glorious day
And will always bear it in my heart

Dearest Sam
Faithful and brave to the end
Best of friends
Your unqunchable hope gave my heart life
When all my thought was of death
You have been everything to me
You were the light when all was dark
Your courage, your loyalty and your hope
When all was without hope, you still found it
I don’t know how to leave you
But I am leaving with a promise
I promise that you will be happy
You are home at last
You have your family now
And this is where you belong
Tend your garden with love
And think of me
You cannot follow me
Not this time
But I will at last find peace

And perhaps some day we shall meet again
And you too shall find your way
Across the Great Sea
Do not forget me, Sam

I am standing on the shores of the Sea
And I know in my heart
In the West there is peace
I see the sun is setting
And I have to take that road
Across the Great Sea
To find peace at last


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