Faramir’s Dream – A dream in the darkness

by Mar 10, 2003Poetry

I stand on a cliff
Surveying a scene far below:

A man, his eyes overflowing with fear
Stands alone facing an army of thousands.

‘Tis true that he is mad
But that just makes him
All the more determined
To destroy the evil that surrounds him.

The man shouts to the army
That he will kill them
And burn their bodies
So the flames will be seen
By all the world
And all the lands will know
That hope remains
Because of him

His world is failing,
But he will not succumb to death’s blade.

He shouts to them
He fears no man or devil
What they are he does not know
He will stand ’till all doom fails
And see the world carries on.

As the madman finishes
The great host of soldiers charge,
His words made them seethe with hatred
Their hearts overflow with rage.

But just as the forces are about to collide
A raging, thrashing flood sweeps down
And destroys all but the man.

He clings to an enormous rock
Just barely holding on to life.

He is in peril,
But nothing can be done:
He destroys all who come withing reach.

He curses the flood
Saying it destroyed him:
It took away his chance
For freedom.

Then the scene disappears
And I see a noble man
Leaning over me, calling my name.

His brows had been furrowed,
But when I opened my eyes
They sparkled with hoy:
It was my king.

“My lord, you called me,”
I hear my voice say,
“I come. What does my king command”

He speaks to me and tells me
To come from the shadows and fight.
He smile on me, and tells me
That my darkness has passed.

But when he leaves,
I turn to the guard Beregond:

“Where is my father?”

The guards noble face clouds with shadow
And in his eyes I see a single tear

“Your father, brave Faramir…your father…
Your father has burned on his pyre.”

My heart almost shatters:
My father is dead.
And as Beregond accounts all that has happened.

I fall deeper and deeper in time.

Then suddenly I remember my dream
And the madman clinging to the rock.
How he refused to give a way tot he flood.
Refused to accept that the army was gone
Refused to accept the changes of time
Refused to accept there was hope.

I think I understand my father, now
I understand why he tried to kill me:
If he could not save the world from this torment
He could at least save his son from the sea.


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