~*~Faramir’s Awakening~*~

by May 8, 2005Poetry

Who would lie idle
When the King has returned?

From out of a tortured tide
I drifted, and before my slow gaze
I beheld a figure whose head
grazed the heavens
as a mountain peak,
old yet young,
gladness and mystery
melded in its deep music.
Wisdom and valour
rose in his sight like mighty statues
flanking a stream of beauty and mercy
that flowed in infinite abundance,
the joyous susurration of its waters
singing in my veins. A mist
of healing fragrance rose therefrom
laving my mangled senses
as the fingers of an infant,
innocence bestowing as
my pierced and lacerated form
he lifted and cradled
in a pallet of kindness
until the renewal
of my own small power
came to pass.
And from time to time
from within his storied light
the face of a wounded princess
loomed over his shoulder
looking to me
with eyes of wanting
and lucent gloom.
Then as I watched longer
I saw a stellar gate
promising untold treasure
and straightway I knew
the password
to open it
was “friend”….


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