Faramir falling in love with the White Lady – Faramir’s thoughts and feelings for Eowyn in the Houses of Healing

by May 25, 2005Poetry

I wake in the morning smiling
I walk outside, she is already there
The air is fresh, the morning so blue
My heart is singing, the world is fair
And the spring is so green
But it breaks my heart to see her grief
As she stands alone on the walls
Gazing always North and East
Ever looking for his coming
So beautiful
I walk towards her
She hears my footsteps and turns to me
I smile through my broken heart
She smiles back through her grief
We stand together in silence
She takes my hand and holds it
She shudders in the cold morning twilight
Let me hold you close
Let me give you warmth
I will do anything to comfort her
But we only stand here in silence
Not needing words
A light through the mists she seems to me
So fair, but so very cold
She has lived through too much grief
Too much sorrow and loneliness
Her hand is warmer now
And in her eyes there is a gleam of a smile
She speaks soft words to me
Can I stay here for ever?
In this garden in this morning?
So close to her
Her voice and her beautiful face
I could listen for ever
What does she carry in her heart?
She never cries
But she never laughs
Shieldmaiden, daughter of Kings,
White Lady of Rohan
Why did you come here?
You came seeking glory in death
I see it in your eyes
Will you ever have peace inside?
All the loneliness you must have felt
It is unbearable to me
I know it too well
But never again, my lady
I will not so soon lose what I have found
And I will do anything to make you smile again
Glory and renown you have won
Honour that shall never be forgotten
A great shadow departed by your blade
Will you not rest in this house
Do not worry, my lady
He will come back safe to you
This is not the end
The war is over
And you can rest now
Sleep, and do not worry
I will be here waiting for you in the morning


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