Faramir – A Poem

by May 29, 2002Poetry


A puzzle you are handed-
A halfling, worn and cold;
His eyes show want and sorrow
Cloaked in wisdom of the old.

Fate gave him two companions-
One is stout and good and true;
The other hides great malice
And a heart cloven in two.

An evil has consumed it.
Only death should be its fate.
Its master deals yet gently
And your fear for him grows great.

The shifting eyes hide danger;
This path is born of hate.
You wish to overrule it,
But your help is come too late.

The hobbit’s word has bound him
And his servant’s life as well
To tread the road of darkness
Leading nigh the cleft of hell.

Your words, you feel, are useless;
Your warnings laid aside.
You loathe to feel so helpless,
Yet must leave him to his guide.

Oh, Faramir, most noble,
Your honor has helped him best.
Though you’d spare him every pain
Yet his doom will serve the quest.


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