by Feb 18, 2004Poetry

I wonder what will happen tonight
under moon, under starlight
Traveling through tall trees of old
with magic held, and stories untold.
Where in Fangorn do we now roam,
under tree, acorn, and over stone.
Treebeard will lead to his dwelling place
at the foot of the mountains he places us to rest.
Deep sleep devour and pleasant dreams pursue
as the wondering Ent gathers his crew
a crew of great stature and ancient praise
He seeks all who dwell in Fangorn to raise
For a thing that has not happened in a great many year
will come in the morn
without haste will begin
a meeting of Ents, so tall, wise and old
and when they speak their language
it chills through the soul.
for rambling and soft and long are their sounds
and brings to hope to the Hobbits gathered now
But hope was in vain, for the Ents must not fight
they will weather such things as they always have in spite
in spite of a war brewing outside of the forest
they cannot change the course of war without courage
A change in their thinking will come when Treebeard see’s
what Sauraman the evil has done to the trees.
No curse in tongues of any language is spoken
to relay the pain, of the forest now taken.
Last March of the Ents, to doom they may go
but revenge for the forest is what they will show.


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