~*~Fallling Leaves~*~

by Feb 10, 2004Poetry

Now as I don the violet gown of twilight
leaves falling fast about me
copper, golden, scarlet, bronze
heralds in garb too gay for their news
our year and our day are swiftly passing
and you, my King, are failing too
day by day I watch
as you grow less and less.
What shall I do
when all your leaves have fallen
and you stand a bare tree
leaving only emptiness
knightless armor, swordless scabbard
and I, veiled and emptiest of all,
and neither my beauty, my royalty,
my people, my progeny
can give me comfort….
Will you come while I sleep
with a silver ewer
pouring heavenly balm
into my butchered heart?
or will you take my hand
and say, “Rise, my Love
you only dream and I am here!
Let us celebrate our love
with wine and dance and feasting
and candles of joy!”
No, it will never be.
I must depart
crowned only in tears
trailing my dark gown
through weeping clouds
as grey as your eyes
but lacking their stars.
I am no queen
I am but a tree
leafless and broken
bearing only a jewel
that weighs me down
into the abyss
of eternal midnight.


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