Fallen king – Lament of a Nazgûl

by Jun 27, 2002Poetry

There is a black spot in my sight today
It is the same old story as the eldest say
There is a cruel, pale light
In the wind brought stars
Waiting between silence and fight
Ground for hate but going fast
I have stood here before inside
The cold, thin rain
I guess it’s my fate to be the king of pain
Running circles going thru my mind
Superior make room for the prey
Because I’m coming
I’m not sure about what kind
I hear the sound of laughter
Sharpened swords seem softer
It corrodes my memories ever after
Increase, delete, escape, defeat
It’s all that matters in abyss
I do not know where I shall start to read
Like the crippled one who just past in the
Crowds of all people…

In darkness black, in death I lay
But thou broughtest heavenly light of day
And I miss use love,
But I’m, not sure, not too sure…
I Love the way
You love but I hate the way to love you back
How I’m supposed to feel?
Or what I’m supposed to say
Remember what you said and promised
All the promises you made like Lay
Blind, you’re better on your own
Don’t say and tempt these things to me
In dearest helpless we’re all alone
I’ll bring you down and equalize, you’ll see
Moon covered determined to find
My place of hiding try detach
Try to decrease to make it easier…on me
Despise myself for what you’ve done
Sent me back into the flodded old glaring sun
Now I have somehow managed
To be the one
To be the victim without the gun

Your soul changes the tide and ride
The wave back into my dash
I could be failing and could just take you
I could forget my intent and leave flesh
But there is a breath to distort fear too
Maybe my luck has changed in hall
Settle down with me
Maybe I’m just the thing to brake my own fall
And I will never see
See the glewing hope again
That passed my forgotten way
Maybe I am falling away from me
And will never say…
It pretends to be solem
It pretends to be like a floating sky
Before you see the black tangled heart
You cannot stand the pain -fall from high
The substitude for happiness
It pushes me into thy present
Leaving me torned with what I thought is less
And I could taste what I could never have
For I have confessed in wrong manner
I have repressed unique emotions
It was taking me under with a roaring hammer
Uninvited, abused devotions

You won’t be the one
To magnify my glory
I know it’ll change my way out of sun
Who’ll cry and who’ll feel sorry?
Thank you for your working
I won’t forget your gloomy jerking
You succesfull and established Sire
How could I be warned of you…
faceless, deadly lyer?

[….i forgot to remember….]


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