Fallen Hero

by Aug 19, 2006Poetry

I used a little from both the book and movie so it’s a little combination, and I do realize that I didn’t write about every miniscule seconds, so please don’t be too harsh.


I know naught what happened, what caused sanity to flee.
Its power was so strong; sickening was Its glee.
So I do the only thing I can and save Pip and Merry.
The orcs are rushing in, I really musn’t tarry!

I blow my horn with all my might,
But to my woe, more orcs come to fight.
I hope the others fare better as the first arrow sings.
I feel a blinding pain from not one, but three of those things.

I shudder now; the little ones are taken.
Death comes close. Its cold leaves me shaken.
I deserve to die alone, and yet I selfishly hope someone will come.
He pull his bow back, yet I don’t hear its inevitable, angry thrum.

Instead I hear the clang of Anduril.
Merciless in its strike, enough to make my head reel.
I crawl backwards against a tree.
I try not to despair as I tug an arrow free.

I know Death is very near. Alas, my horn is cloven in two.
Aragorn has won the fight; I’m glad I lived to see that through.
"They took the little ones," I say; and I must know
What my madness has done: "Frodo, where is Frodo?"

"Be still," he replies as he tries to pull out an arrow.
Alas, darkness now clouds my vision. Soon, I know I will go.
His face darkens further as my vision fades.
I have moments left; I grab for my faithful blade.

I say farewell to my Brother and King
As I welcome what Death’s embrace shall bring.


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