Fall – Sam

by Jun 21, 2004Poetry

Don’t let me fall, Sam
Don’t leave me alone, Sam
I can hear him call, Sam
Don’t let me fall.

I know, Sam
I know the despair, Sam
That’s seeping through you, Sam
That has filled my veins.

On Orodruins slope, Sam
I sink to my knees, Sam
I beg of you please, Sam
Don’t let me sink.

Are you still there, Sam?
I cannot see you, Sam
I fear I am blind, Sam
Blinded by corruption.

Make it go away, Sam
There is no will, Sam
I am falling, Sam
I shan’t make it through the day.

The shadow, Sam
That once drew closer, Sam
Is now upon us, Sam
And I am alone.

My memories, Sam
Of what was good in this world, Sam
Have all but left me, Sam
And I can’t go on.

Please let me fall, Sam
Just leave me alone, Sam
I can hear him call, Sam
Just please let me fall.


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