Fairys of the Wind – a poem

by Mar 11, 2003Poetry

The fairys of the Wind are a kind of fairy thing that I invented if they were actually in LOTR which they are not they would live in mirkwood. Once again I invented them so they are not in any books.
please leave a comment on what you think of them! thanx

Fairys of the Wind

Mouthless we cry,
Far off into the night,
Under tree roots we lie,
We hover in light.

Toothless we bite,
We change our shape,
We change our colors from dark to light,
We tickle you under your cape.

Wingless we flutter,
We create our own lamps,
We enjoy butter,
We attack you at your camps.

We seek you in your dream,
We devor it,
Annoying we seem,
we cannot sit.

We are fairys of the wind.


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