Fair Lorien

by Feb 3, 2004Poetry

This, my heart longs, to dwell in Lorien.
Fair Lorien! Where elves make their home,
Galadriel fair and Celeborn wise.
Fair Lorien! Elanor blooms upon the ground,
Wind whispers through the silver trees.
While Haldir patrols the border, keeping fell creatures out.

Haven once to hobbits, men, elf, and dwarf for a short while,
And then sent out on their way, to finish the quest.

Now, Galadriel has sailed away,
With the Ringbearer and others,
Pardoned at last to enter Valinor.

Fair Lorien seems to be haunted by some ancient race,
Empty and still.
The forests no more hear elves sing and dance until morn,
But a long forgotten tale seems to hang on the wind.
All who wander into Lorien are stilled
By the beauty of its trees and flowers.
And weary travelers feel refreshed.

Stumble onto Cerin Amroth
And you may glimpse fair Evenstar,
Asleep until her lord wakes
And elanor and niphredil bloom
East of the Sea once more.


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