Failure – Frodo’s Thoughts Right After He Claimed the Ring

by Jul 4, 2003Poetry

Gandalf the Grey was wrong,
Aragorn will never rule.
My uncle may have been strong.
But I’m just a cowardly fool.

Selfish desires, hungry greed.
They just tore me apart.
Fear, shame, endless need.
They broke my withered heart.

How could I succeed?
What could I have done?
Evil planted its seed.
And now the Ring has won.

I couldn’t do it, couldn’t throw it away.
Alas, its hold was strong!
It was destroying me, day by day.
Gandalf the Grey was wrong.

The world of men shall fall.
The throne won’t be reclaimed
Darkness will cover all.
I can hear Him calling my name…

He is coming to take me,
To reclaim what is his!
Please don’t let him break me!
Why must it end like this?

It’s over now, it’s all my fault.
And I’ll die like everyone else.
Hear my cry! I’ve failed you all!
But above that, I failed myself.

Listen to the cold wind howl!
Hear it’s evil song!
I have failed, it’s over now.
Gandalf the Gray was wrong.


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