Fading… – The dread of the ring on Frodo

by Sep 5, 2002Poetry

The sun won’t shine
The moon don’t glow.
Least not when I’m here.
And I don’t blame them.

For I carry something.
Something that lurks with evil.
It is with me,
wherever I go.

It whispers to me,
hung around my neck.
Of dread and despair,
a nameless fear.

It’s dark powers are rising.
Out of the ashes of Doom.
Covering Middle-earth
in a blanket of darkness.

I fall asleep,
having nightmares.
And when I wake up,
things are worse.

I spend every spare minute,
looking over my shoulder.
Fearing for everything to continue
and hoping for everything to end.

I am beggining to fade,
to what I don’t know.
But i can feel it, sense it.
I am fading…


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