Eyes of Beauty and Despair – An Elf’s Lament

by Mar 23, 2005Poetry

A great feast was here
All was joyous except for me
Everyone laughed and drank and was merry
While I was solemn and silent
Many Elf-maidens had arrived
All trying to capture my heart
All unsuccessful

The feast had nearly ended
Elves and their partners danced once more
I watched their joy and merriment
A stranger I did see
An Elf-maiden tall and slender like a willow tree
Clothed in garments of summer green
More regal than an Elven queen ever looked
A shy, timid creature was she
When I asked for a dance, she was hesitant before she accepted

We danced in the middle of a glade
Her eyes twinkled with delight
But in her eyes I also saw
The trauma of war, suitors past
Abusive masters and parents lost
Her eyes explained her wariness amongst others
I held her close and her muscles tensed
“Do not be afraid, for I will do no harm”
Are the reassuring words I give to her
She looks longingly into my eyes
Her eyes are of beauty yet of despair
They tell me of her wish to be in loving arms once more
Her wish was fulfilled as I held her in my own

We danced long into the night
In my arms she took her last breath
For her grief was too overwhelming
She died of a broken heart
How I grieved over her death
I wept for many days
I nearly took my own life with my sword
But my father prevented such a tragedy

So many long years have passed since then
I’ve fought in many battles with her on my mind
Now as I sail across the sea to Valinor
I realize that soon I shall once again see her eyes
Her eyes of beauty and despair


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