Events – Evets that must be fulfilled

by Apr 27, 2002Poetry

Sauron, maker of the ruling ring
Gollum, Bilbo, and Frodo each bore the thing.

Sam was the gardner faithful till the end.

Merry and Pippin were good old friends.

Merry serves for Eomer the new king of the Mark,
while Pippin serves for Elessar who finally claimed his throne.

Arwen must fulfill her fate,
as a mortal she will die
for she has married Aragorn,
the apple of her eye.

Elrond must depart now from his beloved daughter
for he and most of his kin will leave now with the others.

Arwen gave a token to the bearer of the ring,
the chance to go into the west,
where he can laugh and sing.

The party leaves now to the mark with Eomer and his crew,
They carry Theoden the warrior that was slewn.

There they must depart of Aragorn and Arwen
Galadriel and Celeborn they must part with next.
Elrond, and his sons must go now to Rivendell,
and Frodo will now stop there
For one final farewell.

To Bilbo his dear uncle,
whom time will soon take.
The boat trip to the west
is the last journey he’ll make.

When they depart from Rivendell
they head to dear old Bree.
But all the gates have fallen
There is terror, the men flee.

Four of the company are left,
Gandalf, Sam,Pippin,Frodo,
and Merry.

They finally reach the Shire
where Gandalf must depart
The Shire has been scoured
by Saruman of no heart.

He and his men destroyed the place
these hobbits once enjoyed.
In it there is not a trace
of all their childhood joys.

They have killed the owner of Bag End
and left the Shire in scrambles.
Frodo banishes Saruman,
never to return.

The renovation must now begin.
Sam gives his seed to this cause.
Now the trees in the Shire
are stared at in awe.

They built up all the hobbit holes,
and the Shire is made anew.

Now that Frodo’s job is done,
his wound begins to ache.
It is the anniversary of that
dreaded, fateful day.

Elrond, Galadriel, and Lord Celeborn,
will soon come.
Bilbo will be with them
for his journey time has come.

Frodo will no use Arwen’s gift
For when he leaves, his burdens lift.

Sam is crying and distraught,
for his master is now gone.

Merry, and Pippin are also sad,
but they sing a happy song.

Gandalf will be joining them,
In the Havens of the West.

Later, Sam will come up too,
and he will pass the test.

For now he cannot leave
his time on earth is not yet done.
He’s got rosie,
and his Gaffer,
and still another little one.

But now though, Sam must stay, and go
only when he’s called.

When Rosie dies,
and the kids are gone
only then,
will Sam depart,
For leaving now
would break his heart.


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