Even A Wizard Fears – Nine Companions 8 – Gandalf

by Sep 14, 2002Poetry

As I ask Bilbo to give away his ring,
And one simple word I hear,
“Precious, it is precious to me,”
Even a Wizard fears,

As I read the ancient, withering scrolls,
Of a noble, but fallen King,
I, the wizard, Gandalf the Grey,
Gasp in fear of one small ring,

As I tell poor Frodo that he must leave,
For the Dark Lord’s return is near,
I see his eyes widen in terror,
Even a Wizard fears,

As I sit atop this gloomy tower,
And think of the treachery here,
I remember the beauty long gone from this place,
Even a Wizard reaps tears,

As I sit here at the end of the council,
And a small, little voice I hear,
“I will take the ring to mordor”
Even a Wizard fears,

As we debate which course to take,
And for the mines of Moria depart,
As I gaze at the silent, sleeping lake,
I feel a warning in my heart,

Gash! Fire! Durin’s bane,
An evil demon is near,
An ancient monster, wreathed in flame,
Even a Wizard fears,

I tell them to run, leave the beast to me,
Lead them on, the bridge is near,
The flames come closer, the pillars fall,
Even a Wizard fears,

The Fellowship crosses the ancient bridge,
Aragorn and Boromir alone remain,
But I pay no heed as I turn to the beast,
And my secret title, I proclaim,

He tries to fight with a flaming sword,
I cast it aside with a burst of light,
He tries to come to me, but the bridge crumples,
I have won this evil fight,

But I feel the tongue of the fiery whip,
And into the abyss, I disappear
Nine frightened eyes open wide in terror,
Every hero fears.


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