Estelio – Arwen encourages Aragorn

by Dec 7, 2003Poetry

Fuin siria
Ely gwanna
Morn tôl sui duath veleg
A pedich estel u-nâ
Naian al le
A ae pulich nuitha nîr lín
A ae pulich edledia naer lín
Boe esteliach nê Chon
Boe ú-awartho estel
Reno eneth lín, Estelen
A avo dhavo nirnaeth ortheri le!
An si i Dhuath u-orthor
I Galad anuir broniatha
Bangad bangatha, yé
Naer tolatha
Dan man cerim go lû vîn
I câr pân prestanneth
Estel, bronio
Eitho i Vôr
Ah an nin –

Night flows
Dreams die
Darkness comes like great shadows
And you say there is no hope
I weep for you
If only I could quench your tears
If only I could banish your grief
I cannot
You must trust in Him
You must not forsake hope
Remember your name, my Estel
And do not allow despair to conquer you!
The shadow does not hold sway yet
The Light will always endure
A price will be paid, yes
Sorrow will come
But it it what we do with our time
That makes all the difference
Estel, hold strong
Defy the Darkness
And for me –

Notes on Sindarin

naia- my resconstruction “to weep” from root NAY-. Not sure how accurate it is.
nirnaeth “lamentation” used for “despair”
“yes” and it’s Quenya. Smack me, someone. Anyone know a better?
prestanneth “affection, disturbation used for “difference”


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