by Feb 15, 2005Poetry


You are countless miles away
In a heartless wilderness of foes.
You journey away from me,
As should I from you.
But I remain here,
In this disquieting tranquility,
Waiting in tears and in hope.

I am joyless but not hopeless,
For I know that while we both live,
Something in this land has the chance
To be eternal,
Because I will wait,
And you will return to me.

Were I to abandon your life
To save my own,
I would forever be in Peace personified.
But peacefully I could not live,
For immortality pales against

Hope dictates
That we will love in life once more,
That our love will be everlasting.
But whilst you roam,
I will wait,
Praying and dying,
And until you return,
I shall feel only
Love and erui.


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