Eowyn’s Love – a romantic poem

by May 7, 2002Poetry

In the moon is her shining hair
Her silouette is tall and fair
But to no one does she belong
Only wishes and things bygone

Loved is what she wants to be
But not by Faramir you see
In her dreams is someone else
The one who’s friend is an elf

He saved her from the lethal grasp
The one the Dark Lord does hold fast
But healed she was and soon fell in
Love had got her back again

But not the Forgoten King the Great
Was she in love with and did not hate
Held tight in love they soon became
With not the bearer of Isilder’s Bane

For another claimed her heart so cold
He melted it with his heart of gold
Faramir and Eowyn
Love had got her back again


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