Eowyn’s heart

by Dec 3, 2003Poetry

In sadness and desperation
I pay my caution to the wind
I hear its melody and whispers
And wish for tidings of the war

My kin has marched towards its ending
To fight against a foe too strong
I cannot stay right here and linger
While he is fighting this war alone

Weariness has overcome me
And fear will always haunt my heart
I paid my dues with pain and sorrow
I paid with pain to kill my foe

And yet in darkness and isolation
I can just see a ray of light
There may yet be a chance to save me
To break the torture of my heart

Who might have thought I here might find
The light to bring my heart alive
Who might have seen what is to come
When death and shadow devour the land

In this accursed jail of sorrow
Where pain eats my life away
I finally saw the only reason
To fight and stand up in this war

My heart was made for war and glory
Yet now it melts for love and joy
If all, this only is worth to fight for
To live and share it with the world.


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