Eowyn’s heart – A Poem

by Mar 29, 2003Poetry

Dear heart, tears and sorrows
Did thou gain thy hope for.
Naught could ever hope to pass
For by the sword or the harsh mortality
Thee shalt leave this world.

Sweet love, pain and joys
Were thy companions. Yet
What was thy dream to gain
From the mortal curse, or
From my immortal longing for him.

Rich sorrow, loathing and wanting
Did thy desire decree.
If I were so sure that I was alone
Would I not weep in the darkness
That would be no comfort to me.

Growing fear, madness and fragility
Am I doomed to be trapped in my cage?
For I fear no the sword nor the arrow
And I shall drown in the blood of my rage.
Yet I, so lost, do hold this one love,
The one Lord who understands my plight.
But I am alone, for he shall have his throne
And his Queen is not me, nor never shall be;
For he has his love.
For he has his love.


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