by Dec 7, 2003Poetry

Can you see me? Held behind these bars,
In countless spans of time.
I live without, and seek within,
A torment in my soul,
The bars are theirs, yet they are mine,
Shifting, changing, within time again.

Glass is clear, and skies loom grey,
Undead the fears that grow.
I long for war, no fear of blade,
The cold, hard steel, sharp sword,
Yet who in this land doth tell to know,
The hidden deeps where triumphs grow and live?

For dearth is not my enemy,
But nor is life my friend,
I fear an cage within me,
I shall fight untill the end.
I seek my truth with hunger,
I wield the sword with might,
I’m strong as howling thunder,
As subtle as the night.


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