Eowyn and Grima

by Jul 5, 2003Poetry

“While the spring is dawning
And the frost becomes the dew
Thy eyes are cold, thy skin is fair
And the gentle wid toys with thy golden hair
As the sun doth set each night.”

“While the chores of the day are wanting
And the dawn becomes the noon
My love of my life doth fall,
And I sit here, trapped in this golden hall,
As the rain doth pass in the night.”

“While I will ever see thee
Cry alone in the deepness of night,
I will watch thy tears flow here
As thee sit by your hopes dear,
That are hopeless to you now.”

“While the still silence of night
Doth linger on, all will giv’n to the dawn
I will not become trapped in this cage,
As I stew in the wrath of my rage,
And I could NEVER love you, snake.”


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