Eowyn – A Poem

by May 16, 2002Poetry

In the Houses of Healing

Too fair to be a fighter
Too hard to be to sweet
Although she lacked adventure
Her place was at her father’s feet

She wasn’t ment to be
Like a tiger in a cage
Her wish was to be free
Then with the wind she would engage!

Disguised as a brave worrior
She leaped upon her horse
Befriended the small Halfling
While the Rohans picked their course

Army mounted and ready
Her dream had now come true
But were those tears beneath that helmet?
Coming out those eyes of blue?

Taking hand, she wiped them off
Hoping no one saw
These tears would’nt win the war
Only leave her even more distrought

And now they were leaving
The only world she knew
Only strait into danger
Is what would find them soon

Arriving at tall Gondor
Should not have been a fluster
But only the veiw yondor
Would strip them of their muster

There out on the fields
Was the view recalled
Of orcs,and trolls, and men
With arrows, shields, and things with claws

The beast with claws was ridden
By the One who had no match
Only the wise White Rider
Was his He thought to catch

The King of Rohan killed
The worrior staked her claim
Throwing off her helmet
She thrust her sword in vain

Then her small friend Merry
Did all that he could do
He took he western sword
The Rider it went to

That day the Shadow passed
Out of Middle Earth
Not alone did it leave
But in return took death

King Eomer was dead
Along with many men
Eowyn was injured
Her fate could not be seen

Aragorn the tall, the proud
Was there to give her life
To bring her back to the now good world
And relieve her from her strife

And that he did
She soon became
The fair, yet cold
Strong, not plain

Her hand she gave to Faramir
The new tall Gondor king
Her sorrows were no more
Only good, and happy things


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