by Jun 25, 2005Poetry

An hour alone in silence,
Broken by a cry
Amidst the somber mourning
Under a sunless sky.

In wrath of envy yearning
I did take up his sword,
His foe I slew and then did weep
Among the remaining few.

And did I not seek solituide?
In my time of pain-
I took the blade and fled my cage,
And did my sweet desires maim.

But deep in my heart is glory,
And honour – for which I lust,
And I saw in one moment eternity
As it grew out of mortal dust.

And in thoes eyeless eyes of lightning
I did see the sullen hate
Which I cannot hide from
Untill I reach heaven’s gate.

And now alone I lie here,
Among my freind and foe,
And whenceforth hath flown my vitue?

I fear I do not know.


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