Enigma – The Ring Of Power

by Jan 11, 2003Poetry

Now broken and astray
The ring twists the will
The horizon has no ray
And lost its brightened fill

Naught can one see
For tears cover the eye
How did this come to be
That time can’t tell this sky

A choice must now be made
Though which we do not know
Into the woods of shade
Or through the swamps we go

The woods of shade we choose
For see we sanctuary’s sign
With haste we move or loose
A fragment of our divine

Riddled is the heart
For feels it burning flame
It wishes for the start
When we could He tame

The shadow edges near
Expected steps we tread
Trembling follows fear
Remembrance all but dead

Touches taunt and goad
Gazes fixed with blood
Mist besets our road
So search we must in mud

Sullied within vines
We ponder of the end
What are our final lines
And who must we them send

Another choice presents
An option with two folds
Pursue the ring’s crescents
Or watch fate as it moulds

The uncertain hand of fate
Bounds us to no lie
But the ring will create
A path where never we die

So do we choose fate, uncertain as it may be
Or do we trust the ring, made to set us free


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