Elven Realms – … … …

by Sep 29, 2003Poetry

Elven Realms

They of fair and radiant skin
Adorned with long and pointed ears
Tell me, I want to learn more of
the people who have no mortal fears

Whose beauty lingers, ever present
And never fades through trials and time
To not stop and gaze upon them
would seem a horrible crime

Elves, loremasters above all others
their everlasting wisdom is unmatched
Light and musical, their voices enchanting
Leave them not behind a door, bolted and latched

Eyes always alert, forever watching
Warriors they are, skilled in battle, in war
They have seen extreme happiness and sorrow
and have traveled down to its deepest core

They cannot die from sickness
Nor do they ever age
Yet can be killed with weapons drawn
Or worse, from a heart abandoned in a cage

The Elven people, whom dwell in nature
Constantly in tune with the earth
they love and understand its ways
Every one soul-bound from birth

The soft hair upon their head
is like a lovely, glorious crown
for they are masters of spirit and earth
never will they vanish without great and wonderful renown


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