Elusive Existence – A “lapong” of Aragorn’s. Thats what you end up with when you combine “lament”, “poem” and “song” together… 😀

by May 16, 2004Poetry

Elusive Existance

I reach for a hope that does not exist,
I grasp for answers that continue to resist,
I search for your presence in the shadows of dark,
Absent of you, sorrow fills my heart,
I must relinquish my doubts and vivid fears,
Ignore my pain and dry these tears.

Reaching out for an answer within my grasp,
Staying true to this love that began in my past,
Trusting and trust deep that I’ll follow through,
Though my search yields nothing. My search for you.

To the ends of this world and back I’ve been,
Searching for this love that has gone out with the wind.
Under the same blanketed blackness you gaze into each night,
I’ll gaze back, into this elusive light.

I look for a star in the shadows of night,
I begin to believe you’re an absent existance; elusive to life.
When I sob there is no remedy known,
When I shiver with pain, your warmth is absent. Alone.

You’ve fallen beyond my reach and I have lost you,
I linger on, under this fading light,
hesitating to come back from where I’ve wondered for so long.
Can you hear my cries? Can you see my heart?
The way is closed. Consumed by The Dark.

In this depth of quiet and existence tranquil,
Come back to me. Find me still.

I am absent of hope, no longer will it stay,
It seems to have deminished when you slowly faded away.
I am lost in my sorrow forever hence,
Come to me, find me still; in my elusive existance.

2004 Sara Compton*** My Website


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