Eluchil’s Song for the Riverdaughter – A Breif Story in Verse

by Mar 7, 2001Poetry

Oh! Ho! The river flows
Down into the valley.
Swift now the water runs
Never does it dally.

El! Lo! The elf doth cry
Looking on the pool.
“Is that a star I see
Brighter than a jewel?”

“No, No!” the elf maid says
Running up beside him,
“That is a lily fair.
Art thou eyes so dim?”

And so the elves then laugh
As they pick the flower.
Then swift they prance away
Heading for their bower.

But, lo, they hear a voice
Coming from the water.
Gently they hear the cry
Of the Riverdaughter.

“Oh, woe! Were is it gone
Lovely my fair lily?
Who dare take it away?
Malicious or silly?”

What, Oh? The elf turned back
Bearing swift the treasure,
To restore it to its place
And pay back all due measure.

Oh! Ho! The Daughter laughed,
When she saw his folly,
“My, you elves are silly folk,
Though your songs be jolly!”


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