Elruwen – Elruwen the Poem

by Jan 6, 2003Poetry


Her flowing golden hair down to her waist,
flying behind her in the spring breeze.
The smell of lilacs in the air,
She is as smart as she is fair.
But she is delicate as a rose petal,
her life is torchure and betrail.
She lives in Mirkwood forest.

War is arising and her love is sent to fight,
she is left alone no hope of light.
Her fate is to wait no way to help , just to wait,
She is alalone waiting at her front gate.
Not knowing if he is alive or wounded and in pain,
or lying dead in a pile of namless bodys victome to war that is insane

Two weeks pass, then she hears it has ended they have won,
Now she waits at the gates, now that it is all done.
They come in but so few, and no sign of her true love,
She gets news that he has fallen from a mourning dove.

Her heart in despair she now dresses in all black,
from now on a smile she will always lack.
She waits for her time to come so she can leave middle earth to join him.
Hyacinths are in bloom
she has a bowl of them in her room.
she sits there waiting for the end.

3 years later…..

The room is dark,
5 candles lit,
shadows loom,
This is the setting for Elruwens tomb.
She dies of Brocken heart
her heart has been pierced by a dart.
Her life lived with death all around her
now peace will surround her.


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