Elrond’s Love – from Elrond to his daughter Arwen

by Feb 6, 2004Poetry

Listen close dear child of mine,
Wipe the tears from your face.
It hides too well your beauty so fair,
Bestowed upon you through Grace.

Your love is true, there is no doubt,
I do not blame you for your tears,
But grant me this wish to confide to you,
The reason behind my fears.

I dream for you eternal joy,
With your people of Rivendell,
But if you forsake this immortal life,
The story’s end naught but time may tell.

You dwell on love and desire of child,
To breathe in mortal air,
But my sweet love, you must know,
With time, your Spirit shall wear.

Death will claim your beloved man,
And the pain you’ll endure alone.
Is it worth the price you’ll pay,
To stand with him upon Gondor’s throne?

But if you choose to stay with him,
My blessing you’ll have my love,
And when I part unto the West,
May Heaven shine upon you from above.


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