Elrond’s goodbye to Arwen – A Poem

by Jun 19, 2002Poetry

So, you will close your eyes to the light
And I,
I will be robbed of my brightest star
Who’d ever have thought I would lose you
To this king of men come from afar

You will close your eyes,
for that is your choice
In return for love
who will cherish your voice
And live happiness whole,
that’s given in this world
but winds off so soon,
and then, nothing more.

And once your heart was in tune with mine
and your look was as cloudless as clear as the sky
But you listened to the song
that ran deep in your veins
it was written in the stars
you’d follow fair Luthien’s fate.

Goodbye, sweet daughter
– how do I let you go? –
I remain here, watching time slowly flow
and wonder what good is an immortal life
with our most beloved treasures
gone out from the sky.

Yet there’s something about you, a light unseen
Somehow you look more beautiful
than you have ever been

So let no one try to keep you
from the road that you take
Let nothing dare untie
the vows that you make

Goodbye, my Evenstar
and may we meet, the stars willing, soon again.


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